Wednesday, April 17, 2013

P-A-R-E-N-T-S! Parents are the best... Best... BEST!

      Looking up at that post title, I realize it sounded great as a cheer in my head.... and the full enthusiasm may not come across via text... so parents, I challenge you, ask me to cheer it at school one morning... I'll do it! 

    Urban schools are notorious for diminishing the funding for art programs across the country.  I am lucky to have administration that gives me as much as they can out of their yearly budget, but for the projects I want my students to complete and experiences I want them to have, that budget just isn't enough.

So HOW do I get what is needed to ensure that my students succeed?!
(now, imagine a desperate art teacher saying this... we say this a lot)

There are some wonderful sites such as Donors Choose where you can log on, look at projects created by teachers from across the USA, and donate to help fund a specific project.  I've used these sites before and they are wonderful, but sometimes your project doesn't get funded, or it's too late, or the supplies don't come in time and you just find yourself stuck.  

I'm blessed at my school by all 475 students and their parents.  I attend the monthly Parent-Teachers Association (PTA) meetings and found that the parents are always asking, "what do our teachers need?"  and "how can we reach out to them to support them in their hard work?".  I realized at that moment, I was overlooking a primary support group; the PTA! One parent suggested I post in the front of the school a wishlist, another suggested I place one outside my classroom, so I did both! Above you can see an image of my wish list posted outside of my classroom.  Now, take a look at my wish list two weeks later...

This list does not even begin to cover what I have been able to purchase for my students.  We are now able to create sculptures with air dry clay, we are creating mosaics, we have amazing new Solucryl Acrylic Paint to use, and many more supplies all thanks to the parents at my school. 

I truly can't say it enough, but thank you... thank you... thank you...
As I said before, P-A-R-E-N-T-S! Parents are the best...Best...BEST!


  1. Ms. Foy is the best! Thanks for all your energy and enthusiasm. Our kids are so lucky to have you as their art teacher! It is our pleasure to contribute to your efforts. (Zara's mom)

  2. I couldn't agree more with Ricia. It has been such a pleasure to watch Maya and Evie's art work improve through the school year and listen to their explanations of what they learned in Ms Foy's class at our dinner table. Thank you!!!